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Regeneration Investment Group Membership and Terms of Reference

Terms of reference

  • To consider and prioritise GLA regeneration investment projects and proposals before they are submitted to the Investment and Performance Management Board and for Mayoral approval, and to make recommendations to the Board;
  • To consider, in advance of any commitment being made, and to make recommendations on the LDA regeneration projects or proposals where significant changes in investment or spend in 2011-12 are put forward, or where commitments, funding requirements or liabilities are created which impact on 2012-13 or later years;
  • To monitor the performance, both financial and output driven, of the regeneration activity, including thematic regeneration and economic development programmes (e.g. Outer London Fund, Enterprise Zones), land holdings and asset management; to provide recommendations to the board on LDA land disposal, acquisition, project and programme risks and issues; and
  • To provide strategic direction, support the preparation and implementation of the Mayor's regeneration strategy, business planning and implementation process, providing a steer to GLA Group executives at the early stages of a project's development, strategic advice on senior/strategic stakeholder engagement; and making recommendations to the board.

N.B. In those instances where both a residential and a commercial, industrial or employment use is likely or proposed for land then the Executive Director of Housing & Regeneration will determine whether the Regeneration Investment Group or the Housing Investment Group is best placed to consider the proposals and the Chair of the other Group will be invited.


  • Mayoral Advisor for Regeneration, Growth and Enterprise (chair);
  • Statutory Deputy Mayor;
  • Deputy Chairman of Transport for London;
  • Executive Director of Housing and Regeneration;
  • Executive Director of Development and Environment;
  • Executive Director of Communities and Intelligence;
  • Executive Director of Resources;
  • The LDA’s Director Capital Projects and Design (until 31 March 2012); and
  • The LDA’s Director Land and Development (until 31 March 2012).