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Investment & Performance Board 14 May 2012


Standing Items

1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declarations of Interest

3. Minutes of Meeting held on 16 March 2012

4. RIG Decisions in Principle - Meetings held on 13 March 2012 and 11 April 2012

5. HIG Decisions in Principle - Meeting held on 6 March 2012 (Reserved item)

6. Re-establishment of IPB and its Sub-Groups (Rebecca Arnold)

Investment Proposals

7. Allocating the additional £70m from the 2012 Budget (Jeremy Skinner) (Reserved item)


8. Use of IPB Urgency Procedure- Lewisham Gateway & Super- Connected Cities (Rebecca Arnold)

9. Date of Next Meeting - Thursday 24 May at 9.30am

Agendas and summary minutes of the meetings of the Investment and Performance Board will be published on the GLA’s website (except in those cases where information in the papers may be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act). Meetings of this internal officer-level Board will not be held in public and are only open to those invited to attend by the Chair of the Group.