Mayor of London

The Mayor has a key role in running London and sets out plans and policies to improve the city.

Changing London for the better

Boris Johnson

The Mayor wants London to be the ‘best big city in the world’. His work includes making it easier for people to move in and around the city, improving London’s environment, helping the capital’s businesses to thrive, providing Londoners with more affordable housing and giving young people in London more opportunities.

Setting the vision for London

The Mayor sets an overall vision for London and  has a duty to create plans and policies for the capital covering:

  • Transport
  • Planning and development
  • Housing
  • Economic development and regeneration
  • Culture
  • Health inequalities
  • Environmental issues including climate change, waste disposal and air quality.

The Mayor has a number of other duties relating to culture and tourism, including managing Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square.

Setting budgets to realise his vision

The Mayor sets an annual budget for the Greater London Authority and the wider GLA group, which includes the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, Transport for London, the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority and the London Legacy Development Corporation.

Working in partnership to improve the capital

In line with his commitment to do all he can to improve London, the Mayor invests in and works with many different people and organisations to achieve this aim.

Championing London and Londoners

The Mayor is also the elected voice of the capital and champions London and Londoners at home and abroad.

The current Mayor is Boris Johnson, re-elected on 3 May 2012.