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Questioning the Mayor

Assembly Members regularly question the Mayor and other key London officials at public meetings, as part of their role to hold the Mayor and other bodies to account. If you have a question for the Mayor, let us know and we can put it to him on your behalf. You can also read the answers the Mayor and other key London officials have given to questions they have already been asked.

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The questions put and the answers received during Mayor's Question Time, London Assembly Plenary and Police and Crime Committee meetings can be found using the database below.

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Mayor’s Question Time meetings take place ten times a year and are used to question the Mayor on the full range of matters within his remit, including policing, the fire service and transport. Questions which are not answered at the meeting receive written answers.

At Plenary meetings, also usually held ten times a year, the Assembly principally questions bodies such as Transport for London and the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

The Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee usually meets twenty times a year. Ten of those meetings are used principally to hold question and answer sessions with the Police Commissioner and Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.

Suggest a question

Only Assembly Members can put questions to the Mayor at Mayor's Question Time, but you can suggest a question to be asked by emailing

Please state whether you would like your question to be forwarded to a particular Assembly Member or to a political group (Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green). 

Please also provide your name and address. This information will not be made public but will be provided to the relevant Assembly Member and is required in order for your suggested question to be taken forward.

If you do not specify a member or a group, we will circulate your question to all political groups represented on the London Assembly.

If an Assembly Member chooses to take forward your question, they may choose or be required to paraphrase, re-word or edit it. You will be notified by the relevant Assembly Member prior to the question being asked.

Your question must relate to either: any of the statutory functions exercisable by the Mayor; any actions or decisions taken by the Mayor; any oral or written statements made by the Mayor; or actions or decisions of members of GLA staff.

Please view the GLA’s comments policy for guidance on the appropriate use of language, which must be adhered to when submitting a question.