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News releases issued by the London Assembly's External Relations Office and by individual Assembly Members are listed below by date in descending order (i.e. most recent first).

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Pre-election period begins at City Hall
27 March 2015

When the clock strikes midnight on Monday morning, 30 March, the official pre-election period begins at City Hall.

This means there will be no media activity for a total of six weeks, as specific restrictions on communications are in place.

London lacks ecological expertise
27 March 2015

A significant proportion of London boroughs do not have access to ecological expertise when processing planning applications. This means that planning permission could be granted with little or no regard for the impact on local wildlife.

Environment Committee statement on Mayor’s Ultra Low Emission Zone announcement
26 March 2015

The Mayor of London today announced the introduction of an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London and stated that £65 million has been earmarked to support London taxi drivers’ transition to zero emission capable taxis.

Is London Bridge falling down on its promises?
26 March 2015
The overcrowding, delays and general mayhem at London Bridge station has affected hundreds of thousands of London commuters daily for months.
We’ve been told things will improve - but have they?
Can London weather the storm?
26 March 2015

London is not well prepared for the risks of severe weather - and climate change is likely to make things worse. The most vulnerable in society, particularly the elderly, are at the greatest risk from the effects of our changing climate and severe weather events.

Child sex offences and allegations of a cover up – Assembly questions the Met
25 March 2015

“These allegations are of historic, high level corruption of the most serious nature.”

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) Deputy Chair, Sarah Green (March 2015).[1]

Prioritise the prevention of child sexual exploitation in London
25 March 2015

The Metropolitan Police reported 1,612 child sexual exploitation (CSE) referrals from January to October 2014. Yet, child sexual exploitation is not currently one of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) 7 priority areas.

Assembly hauls in Network Rail over London Bridge
24 March 2015

Has the London Bridge station disruption affected you?

How has your daily commute changed?

Could the chaos have been prevented?

Is anyone taking responsibility?

What knock-on effects have you experienced?  Extra childcare? Missed meetings?

Final Mayor’s Question Time of the year
24 March 2015

The London Assembly [2] questions the Mayor, in public, ten times a year at Mayor’s Question Time meetings, as part of its role of holding him to account [3].

The role of the Assembly is to act as a check and balance on the activities of the Mayor.

Royal Albert Dock procurement & volunteering
23 March 2015

Why was Advanced Business Parks (ABP) chosen as preferred partner for the redevelopment of Royal Albert Dock (RAD); and what was the involvement of the city’s promotional body, London & Partners (L&P)?

Coming up next week at the London Assembly
20 March 2015
Thursday 26 March
Environment Committee – ‘Come rain or shine: London’s adaptation to the risks of severe weather’
London's cyber fear - the worry of online crime
19 March 2015

63% of Londoners are worried about becoming victims of fraud through using online banking or by using their credit or debit cards on the internet.[1]

How should we fund Crossrail 2?
18 March 2015

Crossrail 2 is a proposed brand-new rail line, connecting the south west and the north east of the capital, via Chelsea, King’s Cross and Haringey.

Tickets to ride & cycling progress
17 March 2015

Transport for London (TfL) is increasingly moving towards cashless operations on many of its services – but what benefits can customers expect?

Stadiums - making winners or losers out of locals?
17 March 2015
  • New stadiums can generate vast financial returns for a football club, but what positive impact are they having on the local community? There is limited hard evidence about the actual economic benefits of stadium-led regeneration.