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London Assembly news

News releases issued by the London Assembly's External Relations Office and by individual Assembly Members are listed below by date in descending order (i.e. most recent first).

Please note that all news releases with titles beginning 'News from' are the views of the individual Assembly Member identified in the release and do not necessarily reflect the views of the London Assembly or the Greater London Authority.

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How to stop London’s rents going through the roof
28 August 2015

The average price of property in the capital is £481,820.  This means demand for London’s privately rented homes is booming.

Coming up next week at the London Assembly w/c 31/08/2015
28 August 2015



Tuesday 1 September

Stabilising London rents

Housing Committee – 10:00am Committee Room 5

The London Assembly report: 12 months of hard work for Londoners
27 August 2015

The Annual Report of the London Assembly - which lists the work of 25 Assembly Members over the past year, is published today

London’s economy at risk from extreme world weather
23 July 2015
  • London’s businesses are ill-prepared for climate change risks - 54 per cent of FTSE 100 firms have no business adaptation strategy in place for climate change.[2]
Home Secretary wrong on water cannon, says Deputy Mayor
21 July 2015

The Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, (MOPAC) Stephen Greenhalgh, told London Assembly Members today that to say the Wasserwerfer 9000 water cannon purchased last year are unsafe "would be to mislead" Londoners.  He added that every single one of the 6

What next - after water cannon canned?
20 July 2015

I can inform the House that I have decided not to authorise the Wasserwerfer 9000 water cannon as a policing tactic for operational use in England and Wales” - Home Secretary Theresa May, 15 July 2015.

Coming up next week at the London Assembly - 20/07/15
17 July 2015



Thursday 23 July

The impact of climate change on London’s economy

Economy Committee

‘Don’t make London’s housing crisis worse’ say experts
16 July 2015

Extending the right-to-buy to housing association tenants[1] could make London’s housing crisis worse, experts warned today.

London Assembly welcomes Home Secretary’s decision on water cannon
15 July 2015

The London Assembly Police and Crime Committee welcomes today’s announcement from the Home Secretary that water cannon is not to be deployed in the capital.

Could councils lose millions on vacant building credit?
15 July 2015

In February this year, a cross-party group of London politicians called on the Planning Minister to immediately suspend the Vacant Building Credit. [1]

For Sale: London’s social homes
15 July 2015

The government has announced plans to extend right-to-buy to people renting from a housing association.

Olympic stadium Hammers public purse
14 July 2015

The Olympic stadium was estimated to cost £250 million in 2004.  The price tag today is £700 million.

Mayor’s Question Time tomorrow
14 July 2015

The London Assembly[2] questions the Mayor, in public, ten times a year at Mayor’s Question Time (#MQT) meetings.[3]  The Assembly’s job is to be a check and balance on the activities of the Mayor.

London Assembly says ‘bin diesel!’
14 July 2015

In places, London’s air quality is among the worst in Europe[1] and the worst in the UK[2].

Official estimates suggest that over 3,000 deaths each year in London are attributable to air pollution[3].

Is third sector the answer to London’s unemployment?
13 July 2015

The latest figures for the Government’s flagship back-to-work scheme which is outsourced to public, private and third sector organisations - show that disabled people and those aged over 50 fare worst in getting a job through the Programme[1].