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Assembly votes to amend Mayor’s budget
28 January 2015

London Assembly Members today passed an amendment [1] to the Mayor of London’s draft budget, which, if adopted, could save money for 25,000 outer London commuters [2].

Lessons for London following Paris attacks
28 January 2015

In the event of an incident in London similar to the recent attacks in Paris, how would the Capital’s police respond?

Assembly considers Mayor's £17 billion draft budget
27 January 2015

Assembly Members will tomorrow consider Mayor Boris Johnson’s £17 billion Draft Consolidated Budget for 2015/16.

From 10am

London Assembly and Mayor of London host poignant Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony at City Hall
26 January 2015

Members of the London Assembly were joined by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, MPs, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, and Holocaust survivors today at the annual Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony at City Hall.

Coming up next week - 23/01/2015
23 January 2015


Monday 26 January

Holocaust Memorial Ceremony – (by invitation only) 10.45am for an 11am start, in the Chamber

We must improve London’s door-to-door services
22 January 2015

A small, but absolutely essential, part of London’s public transport system is the door-to-door service for people with mobility problems.  Dial-a-Ride, Taxicard, Capital Call, NHS Patient Transport and many other community transport providers opera

Tourism, ticketing and transparency
21 January 2015

Did charging for the New Year’s Eve fireworks go down well with visitors to the capital?  

Devolution to London – not if – but why?
21 January 2015

How would Londoners benefit from the further devolution of more powers and responsibilities?  What would be the benefits if we could control our own taxes to fund housing, schools, health and skills?

Greenbelt or Brownfield? Where will all the Londoners go?
21 January 2015

London’s previous population peak was in 1939. This month, the capital surpassed that peak. 

According to GLA projections, this trend is set to continue, with our population projected to reach 10 million by 2036.

First Mayor’s Question Time of 2015
20 January 2015

The London Assembly [2] questions the Mayor, in public, ten times a year at Mayor’s Question Time meetings, as part of its role of holding him to account [3].

The role of the Assembly is to act as a check and balance on the activities of the Mayor.

Take a lead from Leeds on gypsy and traveller sites
15 January 2015

The London Assembly is calling on the Mayor to pilot temporary sites for gypsies and travellers.

An Assembly Housing Committee investigation has found that the Mayor has not spent £523,000 of available government money to provide sites.

Analysing the Mayor’s economic record
14 January 2015
The Mayor of London committed to creating 200,000 jobs and 250,000 apprenticeships by 2016. Are those commitments on track to being achieved?
Outer London fare hike rethink?
13 January 2015

The Mayor of London today promised to examine potential rises of 38% in Zone 1-6 fares, following pressure from the London Assembly.

Are London's ethnic minorities left behind in mental health care?
13 January 2015
London’s 40 per cent Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) population – who have higher rates of mental health problems than the white population – are more likely to have adverse experiences within mental health care.[1]
Assembly crosses paths with Crossrail
13 January 2015

Will extensions delay the opening of Crossrail and present challenges for integrating it within Transport for London (TfL)?

Would any extensions lead to a reconsideration of installing toilets on board trains?