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TB continued…
7 July 2015

Homeless people, prisoners and ex-prisoners, people with drug and alcohol issues, people with mental health issues and migrant communities are some of London’s groups at high risk of contracting Tuberculosis (TB).

Assembly to quiz TfL on rail devolution and taxis
7 July 2015

What are the Mayor and Transport for London’s (TfL’s) proposals for devolving National Rail services, and what is the strategy for persuading the government?

Coming up next week at the London Assembly - w/c 6 July 2015
3 July 2015


Thursday 9 July

Mental health in London – report publication

London’s former young offenders could help future young offenders
2 July 2015

The total number of young offenders in London—those aged 10 to 17—is falling, but the proportion who go on to offend again is not. Those young offenders who are in the youth justice system have a lot more complex needs and are more entrenched in their offending.

Assembly wants Royal Mail land returned to sender
2 July 2015

A motion agreed by the London Assembly today calls on the Mayor to ensure Royal Mail’s land assets are used to deliver housing, as it seeks to divest itself of land in the capital.

Right to Buy implications questioned by Assembly
1 July 2015

The London Assembly today said proposals to extend Right to Buy to housing association tenants will only work, if the cash from the sale stays in London.  It also stated that the policy could undermine other efforts to increase the supply of new affordable homes across the

Involve locals in Crystal Palace Park plans
1 July 2015
The London Assembly today urged the Mayor to engage openly and transparently with local community groups on future plans to redevelop Crystal Palace Park and the wider area.
Mayor urged to counteract far right rally in Golders Green
1 July 2015

Over recent years there has been a significant rise in anti-Semitic attacks in London.

Save local papers in south London!
1 July 2015
The London Assembly today urged the Mayor to urgently write to Newsquest Group to express concerns on staffing changes and restructuring at the Group, which will threaten the quality and long term survival of local papers in south London.
Assembly want to bring back 13 fire engines
1 July 2015
The London Assembly today voted for a motion criticising the Mayor’s decision to prevent 13 fire engines returning to the streets.
Give cleaners the London Living Wage
1 July 2015
The London Assembly today urged the Mayor to focus his attention on getting more employers in London’s low pay sectors, like the cleaning sector to pay the London Living Wage and become accredited Living Wage employers. 
Development and transport – who pays the price?
1 July 2015
  • Why are transport links so important to property developers? How much should they contribute to transport schemes?
Londoners still in the dark about solar power at home
1 July 2015

Of over 3 million homes in London, less than 0.5 per cent, are generating their own solar power[1].

The benefits of generating energy at home include carbon footprint reduction, lower electricity bills and an income from selling electricity back to the National Grid. 

London Assembly Environment Committee restates opposition to Heathrow expansion
1 July 2015

The London Assembly Environment Committee looks forward to studying the recommendations made in the long-awaited report published today by the Airports Commission.

The Committee has had long-standing opposition to Heathrow expansion.

Assembly to get an enterprise update
30 June 2015

The purpose of the London Enterprise Panel (LEP) is to work with London’s boroughs, business and Transport for London (TfL) to take a strategic view of the regeneration, employment and skills agenda for London.