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Steve O'Connell

London Assembly Member



  • Deputy Chair of the Planning Committee
  • Member of the Confirmation Hearings Committee
  • Member of the Environment Committee
  • Member of the Housing Committee
  • Member of Transport Committee
Croydon & Sutton
Register of Members' Interests - Steve O'Connell
Register of Members' Interests - Steve O'Connell
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Steve has been a Croydon councillor for Kenley since 2002 and is a former Deputy Leader of Croydon Council.

Steve is a South Londoner who studied at Brockley Grammar School and who is a lifelong Crystal Palace supporter.  An animal lover, Steve is a Trustee of Crystal Palace Football Club Foundation as well as a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

He successfully stood for election in May 2008 as the London Assembly candidate for Croydon and Sutton and was re-elected in 2012.  He has a particular interest in crime and safety, plus community cohesion as well as protecting our environment and green spaces.  He is also a firm advocate for social mobility.

He was appointed as a non-executive adviser for neighbourhoods for the Mayor’s office for Police and Crime (MOPAC) in October 2012. Steve is also the Deputy Chair of Planning Committee and a member of Transport Committee.

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Contact details:
City Hall
The Queen's Walk
London SE1 2AA

Telephone: 020 7983 4405
Email: steve.o'

Press releases for

News from Steve O'Connell: Steve O'Connell presses Mayor on tram extensions to Sutton & Crystal Palace
23 May 2012

Steve O'Connell, London Assembly Member for Croydon and Sutton, will today press the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to formally adopt extensions of the tram to Sutton and Crystal palace as part of his transport plan for London. Steve has campaigned extensively for the upgrade and expansion of...

News from Steve O'Connell: O’Connell looks forward to transport improvements
14 March 2012

Croydon and Sutton’s London Assembly member, Steve O’Connell today won the Mayor’s commitment to examine ways of expanding the boroughs’ public transport systems.


Speaking after the last Mayor’s Question Time before the Mayoral election in May Mr O’Connell said:


News from Steve O'Connell: “The softly–softly approach to crime led us to the August riots” and calls for use of water cannon if necessary
8 November 2011

London Assembly Conservative members today submitted a report on the August riots which suggests that they were the result of a criminal minority believing they could get away with vandalism and looting because police are ham-strung by politically-correct thinking that deters them from taking...