Jenny Jones

London Assembly Member

Green Party
3 May 2012


  • Chair of the Economy Committee
  • Deputy Chair of the Police and Crime Committee
  • Member of the Environment Committee
  • Member of the Confirmation Hearings Committee
Key Issues
Housing costs and conditions, policing and civil liberties, cycling and walking, road safety, legacy from 2012 Olympics/ Paralympics
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Register of Members' Interests - Jenny Jones
Register of Members' Interests - Jenny Jones
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Jenny lives in Southwark and was a Southwark Councillor, 2006-10. In the previous Mayoral administration she was the Mayor’s Green Transport Advisor, advising him on sustainable forms of transport. She was also Chair of London Food, a Mayoral body looking at ways of giving Londoners fresher, healthier and more affordable food while minimising its environmental impact.

Jenny is an ex-archaeologist, former Deputy Mayor of London, former Chair of the Green Party of England and Wales, and was named in 2004 as one of 200 ‘women of achievement’ by Buckingham Palace.

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Contact details:
City Hall
The Queen's Walk
London SE1 2AA

Telephone: 020 7983 4358

Press releases for

News from Jenny Jones AM: Spy cops settlement: we are yet to see a single officer held to account
24 October 2014

The Metropolitan Police have paid £425,000 in an out of court settlement to the woman known as ‘Jacqui’ who had a long-term sexual relationship with undercover police officer Bob Lambert over three years which included him fathering a child with her, before abandoning them both

News from Jenny Jones AM: Jenny Jones warns Mayor about risks of fracking contaminating water supplies
22 October 2014

London Assembly Member Jenny Jones has condemned the support from the Mayor of London for oil and shale gas exploration in South East England. The Mayor said that exploration had been ‘frustrated by NIMBYs” and he would “wear my ten gallon hat as a proud promoter of hydro-carbon exploration”.

News from Jenny Jones AM: Jenny Jones AM to speak at Occupy Parliament Square camp about policing and civil liberties
21 October 2014

On Wednesday London Assembly Member Jenny Jones will speak at the Occupy Parliament Square protest camp. Jenny visited the camp on Monday 20th October bearing cups of tea for the protestors who had been camped overnight.