London Assembly

The London Assembly is an elected watchdog for the capital made up of 25 Assembly Members. Our role is to examine how effective the Mayor’s policies, decisions and activities are. We champion London, investigating issues that affect everyday life in the capital to find ways of improving our city for everyone who lives here. We ensure the Mayor is held publicly accountable every day, not just at election time.

Olympic Park
The Regeneration Committee would like to hear your views on how stadia regeneration has made a difference to your life or made an impact on your community. More
View of the Thames River and Canary Warf
The Economy Committee is investigating how climate change risks could impact London's economy and future prosperity. More
London Black Cabs
How can Taxi and Private Hire services better meet the needs of London passengers? More
Houses in London
The Housing Committee is investigating the demolition and refurbishment of social housing estates in London. More