Education visits

The GLA offers a year-round programme of free education visits for London groups.

Visits to the GLA offer students a unique opportunity to learn about their city and how it is run, right here in the home of London’s regional government, City Hall.

Visits are designed to:

  • Enthuse Londoners about their city through our fascinating history and unique place on the national and global stage
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities of the GLA, Mayor of London and London Assembly
  • Develop an understanding of different political viewpoints and an appreciation of the importance of voting
  • Use contemporary issues to bring the policy-making process to life
  • Give visitors confidence and encouragement to engage in political debates
  • Encourage visitors to actively engage with the GLA

The education visits are suitable for all school groups, key stage 2 and above, colleges and universities and other London groups. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee a tour of City Hall as part of the visit, as access to areas of the building is dependent on meetings and events taking place in the building on the day.

Booking a visit

For more information or to make a booking, please contact the Public Liaison Unit on 020 7983 4100.


Visits are now fully booked for this academic year.

Bookings for the academic year 2014/2015, will be taken from May 2014:


February March April May
Fully booked Fully booked Fully booked Fully booked
June July    
Fully booked Fully booked