Duty Officer Update - 06 Feb 2015

6 February 2015

Find out what the London Resilience Forum does, and what was discussed when members met this week, as well as the usual updates to help you stay prepared this weekend.

Duty Officer Update - 30 Jan 2015

30 January 2015

Once an emergency plan has been developed we go through a process of training and exercising to validate the plan. Find out more about a large exercise planned for 2016 as well as the usual links to further information in this week's Duty Officer Update.

Get the Pension Credit due to you

29 January 2015

Victoria Borwick, Deputy Mayor and London Assembly Member, explains what the Mayor is doing to help Londoners get the benefits they’re due this winter.

There are many reasons why people don’t claim the benefits they’re entitled to. People may think they’re not eligible, may find the claim process difficult, or have a negative attitude towards benefits of any kind. Changes to the welfare system mean that people may be confused as to just what’s available to them.

Fourth Plinth Awards – a great way of showcasing children’s work

28 January 2015

Teacher Katarzyna Zak from Harrow’s Mount Stewart School tells us why she’s excited about this year’s Fourth Plinth Schools Awards…

As a school, we’re always looking for different opportunities to showcase work of our students.

Art is very important in our school and children learn all about different techniques, styles and artists. Entering competitions like the Fourth Plinth Awards is a great way to show children’s work to a wider public and see what other schools are doing.

Duty Officer Update - Friday, 16 January 2015

23 January 2015

Overview of My Week

The London Resilience Business Sector Panel met this week and it was interesting to hear the interests of businesses in London – both large and small. Members of the group highlighted the importance of,  not only having a Business Continuity Plan, but also the need to continually review it to ensure it is kept up to date to reflect the current business, its needs and any potential risk it may face.

Shield - Tough New Gang Intervention Programme Launched

22 January 2015

The Mayor, Boris Johnson, has announced the launch of a tough new gang intervention pilot, which will see members of some of the most active gangs in London collectively punished for the criminal actions of individual members, as part of the Mayor’s ongoing commitment to tackle gang violence in the capital.

My Apprenticeship with London Resilience

22 January 2015

Before joining London Resilience Team I had Hollywood-like preconceptions of what I thought the job may entail. This included NASA-style control rooms, a red telephone that dare not ring and a side-by-side seat with the secret service. The reality was a little different, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my apprenticeship year.


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