Tackling unsafe lorries

4 September 2013

All too often lorries are involved in London cyclist deaths. Between 2008 and 2012, HGVs were involved in 53 per cent of London cycling fatalities – despite making up only four per cent of the traffic – and have been involved in five of the seven cyclist deaths in London so far this year.

London is going Dutch!

1 July 2013

TfL quite recently released amazing new figures that show bikes now make up around a quarter of rush-hour traffic in central London. The ‘Central London Cycling Census’ took place over two weeks in April with manual counts at 164 locations, from 6am-8pm on weekdays.

The survey found that in the morning peak up to 64 per cent of vehicles on some main roads are now bicycles. With London suffering its coldest spring for 50 years, it’s likely that the numbers are even higher now that the weather’s warmed up.

Update from the cycling team

7 June 2013

As the GLA cycling team, we work closely with Transport for London and the Mayor’s ‘cycling czar’ Andrew Gilligan. Over the coming months, we’ll be keeping you updated with progress on delivering the Mayor’s Cycling Vision for London.

67 risks Londoners should be aware of

25 February 2014

The London Risk Register summarises the risk of different types of emergency happening in London - you can use it to help your family, community or business be prepared.

The Vision is here

7 March 2013

So, the big day has arrived and the Mayor has unveiled his new vision for cycling in London.

I’ve been out and about this morning, busy with the launch, but I wanted to pop on here and share the strategy document with you all.

As I said in my previous post here, and as I hope you’ll agree, this really steps up our ambitions for the bike.

London cycling strategy: wait is nearly over

4 March 2013

Welcome to the official City Hall blog about London cycling and welcome to everyone from me, Andrew Gilligan, the Mayor's so-called cycling czar. I asked for a uniform, preferably with epaulettes, but they said no. Slightly embarrassingly, there isn't even an official picture of me on a bike yet - hence the lovely bookshelf shot. What we have got, however, is quite a lot of money for cycling. And this week, the Mayor will announce how he's going to spend it.

Duty Officer Update – 15 February 2014

15 February 2014

After the wettest January on record recent rain has caused flooding in a number of locations across the country, including some areas of London. Read about how we've been supporting partner agencies and how you can prepare yourself.

SafeStats User Event - Agenda

12 February 2014


Safestats are pleased to announce the agenda for the next SafeStats User Event at City Hall  on Wednesday February 19th 2014.

We have put together what we hope is a really interesting set of speakers covering a wide range of impactive partnership work being carried out in London using multi-agency data. 



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